Virtual Marketing Department

Let’s face it. Social communication is everywhere.

Trust our unique blend of brand journalism and storytelling to create meaningful engagement with your customers, across multiple platforms, on a daily basis.


Our brand journalists craft stories and create strategies that connect your brand with your ideal customers.  Well researched content should not go wasted. We post your content where we know your audience will be reading it; we create and engage with your community and increase your digital footprint.

From B2C to B2B and non-profits, social media can build brand.

Custom Plan


No two clients are ever alike, even if they are from the same industry, each client is as unique as their brand. We take the time to get to know you first.

Discovery Session: Discuss short term goals vs. long term vision. Brand promise. Unique Selling Point.

External Research: Review Industry, competitors and Influencers to uncover brand connections & perceptions.

Communications Audit: Review assets and campaigns to see what worked and what didn’t. Baseline of brand assets. Determine key themes.

Marketing Plan: Prepare a road map identifying persona, brand voice, key channels, tactics, estimated leads, etc.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.


They need expert advice about Marketing.  Our full-service team brings years’ of seasoned experience, knowledge and know-how from various industries that will be beneficial to your company’s success.

They are looking for consistent results. We provide monthly reports demonstrating results achieved and offer ideas and strategies for the next month so marketing initiatives are always kept top of mind.

They need solutions that are right for their business. Our personalized, hands-on approach provides each client with their own unique and customized materials to succeed and surpass their competition.

They want to reduce their overhead. The benefit of working with an entire full-service marketing team for less than hiring one full-time employee within your company.

They can’t keep up with the changes and trends. We keep our ears to the ground looking for the latest channels and trends, implementing new ideas and keeping up with the regulatory changes.

Website Roadmap

Find Out If Outsourced Marketing Is Right For You?

Are you focused on your business operations and have little time to implement effective marketing programs?
Do you start a campaign but don’t know if it worked?
Are you managing various freelancers for graphic design, copywriting, email and social media management?
Have you considered hiring a full-time marketing person, but can’t find the right candidate with the skills you need, at a price you can afford?

If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, chances are your business can benefit from our services.